User Guide for CamFi with Sony A7R4

  • 1、 Camera menu settings:

    1. MENU->Network2->Airplane Mode->Turn on the camera Airplane Mode.
    2. MENU->Network1->PC Remote Function->Pc Remote Function, select the USB connection mode.
    3. MENU->Network1->PC Remote Function->Page2, select Still Img Save Dest.,
      Set save still images to PC+Camera

    2、Connect the camera and the CamFi device with a USB Type-C cable.
    3、Open the computer or mobile phone Wi-Fi connection to CamFi, launch CamFi software.
    If you need to shoot bracketing or Focus Stack, you need to modify the ‘Still Img Save des.’ to ‘Camera Only’.

    How to view the memory card photos in the A7R4 camera

    Select MENU ->Network1 ->PC Remote Function, set Pc Remote to Off.
    Select MENU ->MENU ->Setup ->USB Connection, set USB connection to MTP mode.
    After setting above, you can view the photos on the CamFi software.

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