Problems connecting to CamFi WiFi using Samsung phone / Windows Laptop

  • I have been trying to set up my CamFi Pro Plus, connected to my Sony A7RIV, using the CamFi Android app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone.

    Problem 1: Although my phone detects the CamFi WiFi, when I try to connect to it, it says "ready to connect when network quality improves". Not surprisingly, when I switch on the CamFi app on my phone, it says no CamFi is found. How can I fix this?
    Problem 2: My laptop does successfully connect to the CamFi WiFi, but I don't know how to set up "third party tethering". Thanks to Black Friday, I have just purchased Capture One for Sony - can anyone tell me what I need to do?

    If anyone can help with either or both of these problems, I'd appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance,

    Andrew Clifton

  • An update on this saga...

    I was wrong to say that my laptop can connect to the CamFi WiFi - it does not. In the WiFi connections dialog box in Windows, it shows a little exclamation mark (in a shield) next to the CamFi's WiFi icon.

    So, my CamFi ProPlus client app says the camera is "disconnected"... And in the CamFi Windows app, when I try to connect to CamFi it reports that: "The CamFi is not found in the network. Please check if the WiFi connects to the CamFi's WiFi."

    Clearly, it doesn't... But I don't know how to put this problem right!

    Can someone help?


  • For issue 1:
    Please turn off Smart Network Switch on your mobile.

    For issue 2:
    The app of your laptop may be blocked by the firewall. Please add the app to the trust list of the firewall.

    To work with capture one, please refer to this link:

    There are some menus are changed for a7r iv.

    Please set the Network1->Pc Remote to USB connection mode.

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