Auto print with CamFi

  • Hardware

    CamFi device,
    Computer with Windows7/8/10


    CamFi Matrix
    1. Connect the computer to the printer and set the printer as the default printer on the computer.
      In Windows7 settings:open the path: ‘Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers’, set the current printer as the default printer.
    2. Connect the CamFi device Wi-Fi with your computer, open the software CamFi Matrix. Click Scan, enter the scanned IP address range and start scan.
    3. Click Settings, make the automatic printing option checked on the print page.
    4. Connect the camera to the CamFi device. Press the camera shutter, it will print the photo automatically.

  • It works, but always print portrait mode, so if picture is taken horizontally it will be cut !

  • Please referring to the link: to change the orientation of print.

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