Settings for Canon Eos 5D MIV and CF102

  • Could someone inform me about settings needed to operate a Canon Eos 5D Mark IV and a CF102 Camfi controller for focus stacking?
    I use the Canon cable and tried several focus mode, but for the moment i'm unable to focus automatically on a 10cm focus range with Canon macro 100mm f2.8.

  • Please try to tap the MF button of toolbar, tap the arrows >, >>, >>> to check if the focus will move. If the focus can move, it means the camera setting is correct. You can use the focus stacking.

  • Hello,
    Thaks for your reply.
    I succeed to focus with camfi client and a canon zoom 24-105 f4 but it seems impossible with my macro objective (100mm f2.8). A pity, really!
    Do you know an issue to resolve it (I tried all combinations with objective switches and focus program of camera)

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