Image Transfer & FTP Remote Transfer (not working - Camfi on PC)

  • On the Camfi PC software:

    1. Image Transfer

    I select a folder and take photos via the software and it simply does not transfer.

    1. Remote Transfer

    I have set up an FTP server and I select check to confirm it works and it advises successful connection. I take a photo via the software and it does not transfer to the FTP, or even show a connection to the FTP server when you go to the connections list. I also read elsewhere there will be an FTP status near the top of the software, there is no such status on mine?

  • Just a note

    When I said it has successful connection to FTP, it said that in the Camfi software when I selected 'check.' But like I said on the FTP server when I check what's connected to it, it says there are no current connections.

  • Which camera do you use? Do you put SD card in the camera?

  • @admin

    I am using the Canon 80D and the SD card was inside the camera.

    The software works with this camera.

  • @admin I have also tried it with both the SD card in and out of the camera (I made sure to even enable shutter release without SD card in the camera settings just in case).

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