How to use the built-in Ftp with CamFi Pro and CamFi Pro Plus

    1. Connect to the router in client mode. To set the client mode, please refer to:

    2. Open the CamFi app, go to Settings-> Connection mode->Ftp settings

    3. Input the ftp server settings.

    4. Tap the test button to test the settings. Most of the ftp servers use passive mode.

    5. Connect the USB cable to your camera and CamFi device.

    6. Press the shutter release. The photo will transfer to the ftp server automatically.

    To check the transfer status, please open the CamFi app, and tap the ftp status message on the top.
    If there are some photos that failed to transfer, please tap the Retry button.

    For selective transfer, please tap the Browse button, tap Select, select the photos to upload, and tap the select button on the top.

  • Does the CamFi device directly connect to the FTP server or is the CamFi app required to be connected for uploading to work?

  • It connects to the FTP server directly.

  • 한국의 고객분들은 아래 유튜브를 보시면 됩니다.^^

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