Native CamFi App Features for Fuji

  • I’m little bit confused about Native CamFi App Features for Fuji cameras. On your Website you are saying "Native CamFi app supports Canon, Nikon and Sony, works on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac".
    On your support site the user Swisswalter has written on 10. April 2020 that he has issues working with Fuji GFX 50 and your software running on Samsung S20. On 12.Mai.2020 one of administrators has replied it may be caused by the camera settings and he would do a tutorial.
    The question remains if we are able to use your CamFi devices with Fuji cameras and in my case with iOS (IPad)?

    One more question, can I buy your Device CamFi Pro, upgrade it to CamFi Pro Plus and do wireless tethering with Fuji XT2 and IPad Pro?

    Thanks a lot for your reply!

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