Camfi pro will not connect

  • My campfi pro will not connect under any circumstances. The unit is connected to the phone Wi-Fi, I have all the lights showing on the unit properly. I have updated the app. Yet when I activate the app it says no camfi connected. Since the camera unit is clearly connected. I have no idea what to do. Since there is no support to contact. It's impossible for me to speak to someone from the company who might know. So this is my only option. I expect nothing from this. I cannot begin to say how disappointed I am with this unit. Any assistance would be appreciated, but based on the fact the company offers no people to talk to for support I expect nothing.

  • hi duckdrive,i have the same problem .i purchased the pro plus version and it will not connect to my canon 5dmk2,,,do i need to purchase further software?,,i nwas under the impression it was a plug and go gadget,,,seems like another waste of money!!

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