How to use DNP WPS Pro with CamFi Pro or CamFi Pro Plus

  • Hardware
    DNP WPS Pro
    DNP Printer
    Dual-band router ( such as TP-Link AC 1750, TP-Link AC 2600)
    CamFi Pro or CamFi Pro Plus
    Camera (Canon, Nikon or Sony)

    CamFi app


    1. Connect the DNP WPS Pro and the router with an ethernet cable. The ethernet cable should plug into the LAN port of the router. The DNP WPS Pro should show its IP of itself on the bottom left of the screen after the connection is ready.

    2. Bridge CamFi Pro to the dual-band router. Please refer to:

    3. Connect your mobile to the router via Wifi. Open the CamFi app, go to Settings-> Connection mode->Ftp settings
      Input the FTP server settings.
      Server:(The IP address of DNP WPS Pro)
      Port: 21
      Tap the Test button to test the settings.

    4. Connect the USB cable to your camera and CamFi device.

    5. Press the camera shutter release. The photo will be printed automatically via WiFi.

    To check the transfer status, please open the CamFi app, and tap the FTP status message on the top.

    If any photos fail to transfer, please tap the Retry button.

    For selective print, please tap the Browse button, tap Select, select the photos to print, tap the action button on the bottom left, select FTP.

    For selecting all photos that have not uploaded yet, please tap the action button on the bottom left.

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