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  • Turn off the USB Power Supply

    Please turn off the USB Power Supply of the Sony cameras by camera settings. Otherwise it will drain the battery of CamFi very soon.


    CamFi supports MTP mode and PC Remote mode. Please choose a specific mode before you connect the CamFi device to your camera. To connect your camera with CamFi, please use the Micro USB 2.0 cable (the charging USB cable in the box), then turn on the CamFi and your camera.
    usb.jpg usb_connection.png

    PC Remote mode: Go to the menu—> USB connecting—> Remote camera control(This mode is for live view, wireless transmit and wireless tether)

    MTP mode:Go to the menu—> USB connecting—> MTP mode(This mode is for browsing the photos on the sd card)

    You need to re-plug and unplug USB when you switch between "Computer Remote" mode and "MTP" mode.

    For windows client it needs install Sony decode driver to view the arw file

    PC Remote mode

    CamFi supports automatic transmit and show photos on connected devices(mobile, PC or iPad)as they are taken. The photos can then be sent directly to client devices. To be noticed, the photos will not be saved on the memory card. Except a6500, a9 and a7r III.

    Live View: Camfi supports the connected devices(mobile, PC or iPad)to be your viewfinder. It can stream live view from the camera to your devices remotely. Auto focus is not supported for the limitation of the Sony camera. Some of Sony cameras do not support live view, please check this link to get more details.

    Change the capture settings: To change the capture settings, please tap the top area of the screen, the exposure mode, shutter, aperture and ISO settings will be displayed Note: the EV can only be adjusted when the ISO is set to Auto ISO.

    Wireless remote capture: Tap the shutter button at the bottom to remotely control the camera to capture. The photo will be transmitted to the client device automatically.

    Auto View: Photos could be transmitted and shown on the connected devices(mobile, PC or iPad)automatically as soon as they are taken. Both JPG and ARW are supported.

    Notice: Exposure step 0.5 is not supported.Only transfer JPG and save RAW on SD card ( Supported by a6500, a9 and a7r III).

    The latest a6500 and a9 support only transferring JPG and saving RAW on SD card. Please follow the steps below to change the setting:

    1. Press the menu button of the camera.
      Set the quality to RAW & JPEG

    2. Select the PC Remote Settings.

    3. Set Still Img. Save Dest. to PC+Camera and RAW+J PC Save Img to JPEG Only.

    MTP mode

    You can browse and download photos from the camera via CamFi remotely, then share them to your social network instantly. Both JPG and ARW are supported.

    Manual focus, Auto focus and Focus Stacking (Sony A7 iii and A7 riii)

    To use Manual focus, please tap [MF/AF] button to switch the camera to MF mode at first, then tap [MF] button to pop up the control toolbar. You may tap the arraw button to change the focus manually.

    To use Auto focus, please tag [MF/AF] button to switch the camera to the AF mode. Then set the AF mode to Free Point on the camera setting. To auto focus, just tap the screen, the camera will try to focus to the tap point there.

    To use Focus Stacking, please tap [MF/AF] button to switch the camera to MF mode at first, then tap the Focus stacking button. There is no limitation for the steps of Focus stacking of CamFi app. It only limits by the lens.

    After setting the bracketing exposure photography or the depth-of-field synthesis photography, the parameters have not changed during the photography process, and the photos taken are the same. How should I set them?

    Please turn off "Auto Review" in the camera settings.

    Sony Camera Support List

    a7III     a7RIII*     a7RII     a7R**     a7SII     a7S     a7IIa7**     a6500     a6400     a6300

    a6000**     a5100**     a5000**     a3500     a3000**     a99II     a99**     a77II     a68     a9

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